My oldest son is extremely intelligent. Off the charts really. This created many problems with teachers, counselors, and everyone involved in his life. He’s also an incredibly physically active and talented individual. Sadly, I went through some extremely difficult experiences with him. His behavior became unmanageable, and I was at my wits end. His grades dropped. His behavior worsened. He became very unhappy. I tried rewards systems, natural consequences, numerous counselors (most of whom he simply outsmarted), special diets, doctors, lots of sports, acupuncture, medications, and every possible route to find help and support for him. It was only when we began working with Gordon Smith that I found hope that he would be able to pull it together and be successful in life. Gordon was able to connect with him, to understand him, and to help him heal and find his voice. I’m deeply grateful that we were able to work with Gordon. His intelligence, understanding, compassion, and deep dedication to his field is invaluable. I can gladly say that my son is now very successful as an adult. I cannot imagine how we would’ve succeeded without Gordon’s help.  I recommend him highly.