“My son’s life has changed. He was being bullied relentlessly at school and also experiencing different emotions at the lack of his father in his life. As much as a parent wants to heal the wounds that these things were causing him, I knew he needed he needed an outlet and feedback that was not biased. We tried out a few different counselors in Asheville that just didn’t fit, until we found Gordon. Gordon was such a wonderful blessing in our lives!  My son had an instant connection with him, and his life started to change for the better. Gordon has a personal and sincere approach to issues.  We are forever grateful.  Gordon rocks!”

My oldest son is extremely intelligent. Off the charts really. This created many problems with teachers, counselors, and everyone involved in his life. He’s also an incredibly physically active and talented individual. Sadly, I went through some extremely difficult experiences with him. His behavior became unmanageable, and I was at my wits end. His grades dropped. His behavior worsened. He became very unhappy. I tried rewards systems, natural consequences, numerous counselors (most of whom he simply outsmarted), special diets, doctors, lots of sports, acupuncture, medications, and every possible route to find help and support for him. It was only when we began working with Gordon Smith that I found hope that he would be able to pull it together and be successful in life.  Gordon was able to connect with him, to understand him, and to help him heal and find his voice. I’m deeply grateful that we were able to work with Gordon.  His intelligence, understanding, compassion, and deep dedication to his field is invaluable.   I can gladly say that my son is now very successful as an adult.  I cannot imagine how we would’ve succeeded without Gordon’s help.   I recommend him highly.

“Gordon Smith is a good looking, funny, well versed in literature, history & psychology, very empathetic man. He is knowledgeable about you (he keeps a notepad in his brain). He listens to post-stroke man who use a bit of palindrome, charades and broken-down English grammar.  He is a mentor, a teacher, a student & a big brother to me.”

“My family has had a professional relationship with Gordon Smith for many, many years.  My two children, now 23 and 26, and myself are former clients. Over the years while we were struggling with life challenges, Gordon seemed better able to communicate with my teenagers as they were dealing with the usual drama that goes with that growth period. Instead of offering them the easy answers, Gordon found ways to make them find their own answers. A few years later, I became a client of Gordon’s as I dealt with divorce after 25 years of marriage. I found Gordon’s therapeutic methods comforting and supportive.  He was punctual for appointments and available during times of crisis. I would highly recommend Gordon Smith and am thankful he was there to assist my family as we dealt with challenges and change.”

“When I first decided to seek therapy I already knew that it is not uncommon for people to go through multiple counselors before finding the right one for them. Gordon was my first counselor and I could not feel more lucky to have found him when I did! He provides a safe and supportive environment that, for me, was ideal for self discovery. After working with Gordon my life has taken on new and exciting directions all thanks to the tools and knowledge acquired in our meetings. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue reaping the benefits of the work I did with Gordon for the rest of my life.”