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Overwhelmed. Stuck. A sort of death. Or a series of smaller losses. Blame thrown around. Pain and confusion.

You might wish your ex would come to his/her senses, so you can get to a better place. And you know that you have to figure out how to be o.k. even if he/she won’t change.

You might just be trying to get a handle on your own emotions. This experience will throw anyone off balance. Everything is thrown up in the air. Everything feels shaky.

Your friends are good at being mad at your ex and taking your side. Turns out you are going to need support beyond solidarity.

“It’s just embarrassing. And scary!”

“I’ve never been this pissed off at anyone.”

“And the worst part is watching my kids go through it.”

No one gets married planning to get a divorce, but well over half wind up there anyway.

Counseling will help you come out of crisis and get your feet back on the ground. You’ll be able to grieve the loss and move past the anger.

You can come into calm and create a clear strategy to address legal, logistical, and custody issues.

There are plenty of well adjusted, healthy children with married parents and with divorced parents – Throughout this process you can help your children feel safer, more secure, and more relaxed. You can do this really well, and your kids can reap the rewards for your efforts.

I’d like to help you turn this terrible situation into a turning point toward growth and happiness. Free of crisis and with a clear strategy, you can use your divorce as a springboard into the life, and the you, you want.

People experiencing divorce have the opportunity to re-examine their values and their dreams and to find a level of integrity and harmony they’ve never experienced before.

I have seventeen years of counseling experience, and I can help.